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Feb 2017, 16 months


Backend Lead


Work within a lean software process to design and develop new product features
Writing unit tests
Resolve errors and performance issues
Share knowledge and support
Leading the backend team
Creating design specifications based on requirements for new and existing products
Constant evaluation, optimization and enhancement of existing functionalities
Acquiring skills enabling the creation of scalable functionality with Python



Project description

MoBerries is an exclusive network of leading rapid-growth companies sharing their to-be-urgently-placed positions.


The Moberries core ideas are:

  • resharing candidates inside of the network
  • AI-based algorithm for matching candidates to positions

The main task was to develop and maintain the existing restful api, which is used by the frontend and microservices, integrating third party providers. Beside that I was also responsible for maintaining the coding standards, unit testing and managing the development process.

The deployment was organized over travis CI on AWS cloud microservices using docker.

Further details are regulated by the NDA.