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Media management for Cornelsen Verlag

Jul 2020, 3 months


Development Lead


Creating design specifications based on requirements for new and existing products
Work within a lean software process to design and develop new product features
Acquiring skills enabling the creation of scalable functionality with Python
Documenting new features
Writing unit tests
Resolve errors and performance issues
Share knowledge and support
Constant evaluation, optimization and enhancement of existing functionalities



Project description

DRF based backend for the media management tool for one of the biggest German publishing Houses.

Cornelsen Verlag is of the biggest German corporate textbook publishers, that offers educational media in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It offers learning and teaching materials in different media types. It is a company of the Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe and operates under Cornelsen Verlag GmbH.

I was working on the initial setup of the IT-landscape for the media management system . The main responsibility of the software is to control and track record of the original media files acquired by the company. Besides that the system will be integrated with various external and internal systems.